Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Employment - Harrisonburg

RMH Wellness Center has a few positions open:  fitness floor, group fitness, and personal training. 

Physical Therapy Tech positions in Glen Allen, VA

We are currently looking to fill two P.T. tech positions at our office, 1 full time and 1 part time.  This is a great position for anyone who has graduated from JMU, but is taking a gap year while applying to P.T. school.  We provide a great experience and our techs have a much better acceptance rate than average for P.T. school.   We have been very impressed with our P.T. techs in the past who have graduated from JMU!  I am looking for a compassionate and energetic individual who is intrinsically motivated and who has a strong work ethic
Myra Pumphrey, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT
Progress Physical Therapy, LLC
5300 Hickory Park Drive, Suite 110
Glen Allen, Virginia  23059
P:  804-270-7754
F:  804-270-7756

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Want to participate in research while you're in town this summer?

Physical Activity Research at James Madison University
This research opportunity is with Dr. Hargens in the KIN department
Do you own a Fitbit device or other similar wearable activity tracker?  Do you wonder just how accurate they are?  Researchers at James Madison University’s Department of Kinesiology are conducting a study to assess the accuracy of commercially available physical activity and sleep monitors.  We are looking for:
  • Individuals 18 years and older
  • Not currently smoking
  • Are without significant heart, lung or metabolic disease
  • Have no serious orthopedic or bone problems that prevent vigorous exercise
  • You do NOT have to own a device to participate!
The study would require subjects to wear 3 activity trackers, 2 on the hip and 1 on the wrist, for 7 consecutive days while awake and during sleep.  In addition, subjects will undergo body composition assessment, undergo a maximal treadmill exercise test, and a sub-maximal treadmill exercise trial over the course of 2 visits to the James Madison University Human Performance Laboratory.  Subjects will receive a comprehensive report on their health status including body composition (% body fat), cardiorespiratory fitness, physical activity levels, and sleep quality.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email the research staff at

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Personal Training Certifications: ACSM HFS vs CPT

Are you interested in seeking employment as a personal trainer? You will need a certification. Some facilities specify which certification a trainer should complete while others leave it up to the employee.

Exercise Science students know the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to be a credible and reliable source of information, and oftentimes consider completing one of the certifications the organization offers. If you are interested in working with apparently healthy adults, or possibly adults with controlled chronic conditions, ACSM is the organization you want to be certified by.

The question I am most frequently asked about ACSM certification is to differentiate between Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Health Fitness Specialist (HFS). The main difference is that CPT does not require the candidate to have a bachelor’s degree while HFS requires a bachelor’s degree in a health related field. Look at HFS like an advanced personal training certification. A person with a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field is too qualified to complete the CPT certification. If you are completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at JMU, for example, you should complete the HFS certification.

Other things to factor in when you’re considering completing a certification include: 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Adapted Physical Education Program Survey

Dear Students and Alumni –
JMU’s Kinesiology department is in the process of proposing a master's track in Adapted Physical Education/Physical Activity (APE/APA).  This master’s track is designed to train a wide variety of professionals to address the physical activity needs of individuals with disabilities.  Not only will this degree provide advanced training and a certificate for pre and in-service physical education teachers to meet the needs of students with disabilities in schools; the track will also train professionals to work with individuals with disabilities in community settings (I.e. fitness centers, YMCAs, and parks and recreation centers). 
There are many unique elements to this proposed master's degree.  These elements include:
1) Opportunity to complete the degree full-time in a year (fall, spring, summer) or pursue the degree part-time
2) Option to be an on-campus student OR a distance learning student (ability to complete coursework through interactive technology with all classmates);

This proposed master's track is for current and future professionals who are passionate about working with individuals with disabilities. 
   - For those wanting to teach Adapted Physical Education in the public schools, you must have your undergraduate degree in physical education. 
   - For those interested in working in physical activity and community-based settings, preference will be given to individuals with undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, and             Health Sciences; but it is truly open to all majors
- Passion for improving the lives of individuals with disabilities is a must!
Our last step before submitting the proposal is surveying current students and alumni to gauge their interest in this master’s degree if it were offered at JMU.  – Please click on the link and take the short survey -
Please take the survey by Tuesday May 19th -  We thank you for taking the time to respond. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Use this website for quality fitness jobs, health promotion job postings, corporate wellness employment opportunities, or other fitness staff positions. Internship opportunities are also posted.