Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rockland Peak Performance (NY) Internship

Rockland Peak Performance in Sloatsburg, NY, contacted me today. It sounds like they have developed an awesome internship experience. They take internship students all year long -- Fall, Spring and Summer. Ideally, they would have 5 students each semester. Not from NY? Not a problem. They can provide housing. 

The RPP Internship Program is a 16-week program that provides you with a comprehensive learning experience that will dramatically improve your coaching skills.  The program is designed to provide you with the opportunity to work in a dynamic and integrated model ranging from sports performance, assisting and coaching high school, collegiate and professional athletes as well as adult group and private training.

As an RPP intern, you would have the opportunity to compliment your hands-on learning experience with participation in our weekly In-Service sessions, which focuses on continuing education in a classroom-style learning environment.  These sessions cover a wide variety of topics.  We work closely with our interns to develop coaching, assessment and program-design skill sets to compliment career aspirations within the fitness industry.

Interested in Summer? Application date is Feb 1. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

PTCAS data

Paula prepared this summary of the PTCAS applicant data, which will be useful and informative if you're seeking admission to a Doctorate of Physical Therapy graduate program.
JMU Acceptance Rate:  108/60  = 56%  (increase from 48% in 2015)
Top Major for PTCAS Applicants/Acceptances:  (1) Exercise Science  (2)  Kinesiology   (3)  Biology
Cumulative GPA for PTCAS accepted:   3.59 (increase of .02% from 2015)
Science & Math Combined GPA:  3.43
Applications increased by 9% nationwide
You may find the 2015-16 PTCAS Applicant Data Report at (PDF format).

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Summer Internship at NIH

A May '16 alumna sent us this message: I now work as a post-bac research fellow in a cardiovascular lab at the NIH. I just wanted to let you both know that applications just came out for the NIH summer internship program so if any Kinesiology students are interested in getting more research experience this might be a good opportunity for them! It's a minimum of 8 weeks and I think they get paid around $2,200 per month. This is the link to the program: . I would be happy to answer any questions interested students might have or direct them to labs that are exercise focused. 

Let me (Jana) know if you'd like to be connected to this person! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Explosive Performance - NoVA - Internships & Employment

This is just a friendly reminder that we still have a few openings for Spring internships, and several for summer 2017.  Our company is also looking to hire another 50 dedicated fitness professionals and leaders.  Our internship is hands-on, and prepares students for full-time careers in sports performance or opportunities for advancement within EP.  Please feel free to share this email, and to contact me directly with questions.

Best Regards,
Kevin Boyle MS, CSCS, XPS, FMS, PES
"Train Like the Pros"