Monday, July 18, 2016

How to choose a site

Advice from one student on fieldwork site selection:

Now that I am done with KIN 481 I will go back to JMU for my senior year and apply for physical therapy schools. For future students I recommend they begin searching for sites early. I began searching as soon as I could to ensure I got a spot at my top choice, especially because many places have very few internship spots available. I would also recommend doing one (471 or 481) over the summer at home because there are fewer students competing for spots and if you want to go back home after school it’s a useful opportunity to make connections with local companies. I would also take time to look at all the opportunities for internships, don’t limit yourself to just a PT office, maybe look at personal training or coaching or research. PT is such a common default that many people overlook other opportunities and futures in exercise science. I think these classes are some of the most useful classes in the curriculum. Many times college is all about becoming “book smart” but I believe the real, practical, learning occurs onsite. I have learned so much in my internships, that I will remember rather than forget once they are over like with tests and finals. The classes are also useful because for PT school applications I am required to have hours completed at sites and the hours for these classes are applicable.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Advice on choosing a fieldwork site

Advice from one student on the importance of site selection:

Intern at a facility where you can actually see yourself working in the future. If you think you’re going to live in a big city, my suggestion would be to intern in a city rather than in a small town. The environment can make or break a situation and it might be difficult to differentiate between disliking the work that you’re doing and the environment that you’re in (the type of people you’re working with/around as well as actual location). Don’t be afraid to intern at a location that interests you in comparison to where you think you “should” be interning or where your friends or parents think you should be. You have to pursue what you are interested in and at least get a feel for what life would be like in a specific occupation. No matter what happens, you will learn. You’ll confirm that you enjoy working in a specific area or learn that something you thought you would enjoy is actually the last thing you’ll want to pursue.

Physical Therapy Tech Employment

Full-time physical therapy tech employment in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area. Contact Jana for more info.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Employment - Anytime Fitness

Personal Trainer - Alexandria, VA: 

Personal Trainer - Eagan, MN: 

Personal Trainer (Part - time) Mendota Heights, MN:  

Clinical research volunteer opportunity - NC

This opportunity is being advertised as an internship. Because it is in North Carolina and NC is not part of SARA, it may be completed as volunteer. This means a student could apply and accept the position but academic credit (KIN 471/481 or other) cannot be awarded. 

Duke University Integrated Health Sciences Internship Program
Program Description:   Internship opportunities are available at the Duke Center for Living for motivated graduate or undergraduate students majoring in health science, exercise physiology, kinesiology, human physiology or cardiac rehabilitation.
    We are dedicated to providing an excellent intern experience by offering the opportunity for numerous hands on experiences and other learning and educational opportunities. 
We have two major areas of clinical research currently underway. 
               First we have a series of exercise studies: 1) Effects of Ranolazine (anti-angina drug) versus placebo and Exercise training in patients with angina on angina frequency, training responses, onset of angina during max test. 2) Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in prediabetics on immune function, inflammation, glucose tolerance and functional changes.  3) Effects of High-Intensity Interval training in rheumatoid arthritis patients (similar outcomes).
               Second, we have a several human drug infusion studies where the main outcomes involve pancreas function (insulin secretion and glucagon suppression).  The first NIH funded study involves the infusion of incretins (GLP-1, GIP and both GIP & GLP-1).  Each of these infusion studies involves hyperglycemic clamps and so are quite interesting from a physiological aspect.  The second study is Merck Funded and also involves incretins infusions (in this case just GLP-1) with and without sitagliptin.  The third study is also NIH funded and involve Ghrelin infusion studies and pancreas function.  The last study is VA funded and involves incretin infusion studies as well; in this case looking at the possible paracrine role for GLP-1.

Luxury Fitness Immersion Internship - Las Vegas

Dr. Darian Parker is an Exercise Science program alum. He wrote this message about the internship expeirence he has created: 

I hope this email finds you well. I contacted you a few years back about getting the word out about WTS International as a job option for JMU Students. I have had some nice conversations via LinkedIn with former and current JMU students about the opportunities we have. I recently created a summer "Immersion" internship program for those seeking a career in the private luxury fitness environment. This will be the first summer we are conducting this program at my Club here in Vegas. I am happy to announce that we have our first college student coming out to be a part of what I believe is a very unique experience. Here is the outline below of the program:

Phase 1 (2 Weeks) Consumer Phase:

- The Intern will act as a consumer of the services provided at Club Ridges in order to get an understanding of the services offered at the club. The intern will evaluate and log their experiences in their intern journal. Services to take part in will be our group exercise classes, personal training, stretch therapy, tennis and aquatics lessons. The GM of the club, Dr. Darian Parker, will create the schedule of services for the intern for the two weeks. 

Fitness Employment - Waynesboro, VA

Received this message from a JMU alum - 

My husband and I own 9Round Waynesboro, a cardio kickboxing circuit training gym. I am also a 2006 JMU graduate. Our gym is in Waynesboro VA (25 minutes from Harrisonburg). We have entry level positions open for trainers and thought it would be a good fit for kinesiology students. Personal training experience is desired, but not require. We will do training in house. The positions are part time and great for summer work. If you have interested people we would love them to come apply, either at the gym (400 Tiffany Drive Suite C, Waynesboro VA 22980) or

Thank you for your time,
Alex Carico
9Round Waynesboro