Thursday, August 18, 2016

Planet Fitness Harrisonburg - Part time employment

I received this employment announcment today -

Job Summary
The Fitness Trainer will be responsible for running the Planet Fitness group fitness program (PE@PF). This includes assisting new members in the achievement of their fitness goals by designing a simple workout program and instructing them on the proper use of equipment.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Conduct and run the Planet Fitness PE@PF program, including creating and following the schedule.
  • Consult with members regarding their fitness goals and instruct them on how to properly and safely use the equipment.
  • Create bi-weekly updates consisting of a variety of exercises.
  • Meet class requirements based on club size and member traffic.
  • Assist in front desk related activities including:
    • Answer phones in a friendly manner and assist callers with a variety of questions.
    • Check members into the system.
    • New member sign-up.
    • Take prospective members on tours.
  • Respond to member questions and concerns in a timely and professional manner and elevate to Assistant Manager or Manager as needed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop Fall 2016

Title: You Can Live Well!  Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop for students! 
If you are managing a chronic health condition, or act as a caregiver to someone with a chronic condition, this workshop is for you.  Developed by Stanford University, this educational workshop provides students the opportunity to learn life-long skills to manage their chronic health condition and meet other students who are in a similar situation.  There is no charge to participate in the program.
What does the program teach?
Techniques to deal with symptoms such as fatigue, pain, stress and frustration.
Problem-solving skills to plan for setbacks and success.
How to manage medications.
How to effectively communicate with healthcare providers.
How can students get involved?
The workshop will be on Fridays, from 2:30-5:00 p.m. beginning September 16 through October 28.  Email Kristina Blyer, Associate Director of Clinical Operations, or Veronica Jones, Assistant Director of Marketing, Communications and Outreach, to register. 
Not sure if this is right for you?
We don’t screen students for the workshop, if you think it sounds helpful to you, then join us!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Part-time Student Employment Job Fair

The Part-time Student Employment Job Fair
When:      Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Where:    JMU Festival Ballroom
Time:        1:30 pm- 4pm

Monday, July 18, 2016

How to choose a site

Advice from one student on fieldwork site selection:

Now that I am done with KIN 481 I will go back to JMU for my senior year and apply for physical therapy schools. For future students I recommend they begin searching for sites early. I began searching as soon as I could to ensure I got a spot at my top choice, especially because many places have very few internship spots available. I would also recommend doing one (471 or 481) over the summer at home because there are fewer students competing for spots and if you want to go back home after school it’s a useful opportunity to make connections with local companies. I would also take time to look at all the opportunities for internships, don’t limit yourself to just a PT office, maybe look at personal training or coaching or research. PT is such a common default that many people overlook other opportunities and futures in exercise science. I think these classes are some of the most useful classes in the curriculum. Many times college is all about becoming “book smart” but I believe the real, practical, learning occurs onsite. I have learned so much in my internships, that I will remember rather than forget once they are over like with tests and finals. The classes are also useful because for PT school applications I am required to have hours completed at sites and the hours for these classes are applicable.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Advice on choosing a fieldwork site

Advice from one student on the importance of site selection:

Intern at a facility where you can actually see yourself working in the future. If you think you’re going to live in a big city, my suggestion would be to intern in a city rather than in a small town. The environment can make or break a situation and it might be difficult to differentiate between disliking the work that you’re doing and the environment that you’re in (the type of people you’re working with/around as well as actual location). Don’t be afraid to intern at a location that interests you in comparison to where you think you “should” be interning or where your friends or parents think you should be. You have to pursue what you are interested in and at least get a feel for what life would be like in a specific occupation. No matter what happens, you will learn. You’ll confirm that you enjoy working in a specific area or learn that something you thought you would enjoy is actually the last thing you’ll want to pursue.

Physical Therapy Tech Employment

Full-time physical therapy tech employment in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area. Contact Jana for more info.