Monday, October 24, 2016

Sports Performance Employment, Rockville, MD

We have a connection to this facility through a current graduate student. 

Power Train Sports and Fitness Performance Director
Rockville, MD
4960 Boiling Brook Parkway, Rockville, MD 20852
Contact Information:

Job Information

The Performance Director contributes to Power Train’s
success by leading site operations, sales and service to
develop and sustain a facility environment that supports the
company’s Mission and Vision. In addition the Performance
Director is responsible for leading the location’s efforts to
improve the overall success of the business through new
business development, operational excellence and client

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Advice on Finding a Site

Advice on choosing a site from a Summer 2016 student:

If you like new adventures and a challenging environment, I highly recommend doing your fieldwork a new place/state. I am so happy that I went out of my comfort zone and I believe it helped me gain much more experience than I would have if I did my fieldwork in Harrisonburg. I recommend starting your search early so you have options and can pick one that you are most interested in.  I feel I was very fortunate to have enjoyed my internship as much as I did without having much background with adaptive sports. I do wish prior that I had enrolled in more class courses about adaptive education because I believe that would have helped me while completing my fieldwork. I am glad that I did my internship earlier than most students because it helped me really get a feel of what I want to do with the rest of my life and what career path I want to head down.

Duke University Research Internship

Duke University Integrated Health Sciences
Internship Program

Program Description:   Internship opportunities are available at the Duke Center for Living for motivated graduate or undergraduate students majoring in health science, exercise physiology, kinesiology or human physiology.

    We are dedicated to providing an excellent intern experience by offering the opportunity for numerous hands on experiences and other learning and educational opportunities. 

We are currently doing less exercise research than usual, but have a new major area of clinical research currently underway with several funded studies. 
               We have a several human drug infusion studies where the main outcomes involve pancreas function (insulin secretion and glucagon suppression).  The first NIH funded study involves the infusion of incretins (GLP-1, GIP and both GIP & GLP-1).  Each of these infusion studies involves hyperglycemic clamps and so are quite interesting from a physiological aspect.  The second study is Merck Funded and also involves incretins infusions (in this case a GLP-1 Receptor blocker – Ex-9) with and without sitagliptin.  The third study is also NIH funded and involves Ghrelin infusion studies + liquid meals and effects on pancreas function.  The last study is VA funded and involves incretin infusion studies as well; in this case looking at the possible paracrine (as opposed to endocrine) role for GLP-1.  Other studies are ongoing as well.