Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Community Volunteer Opportunity

The Shenandoah Valley Migrant Education Program and Future Forward, programs of JMU’s Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services, are looking for volunteers!
In keeping with the mission of IIHHS, which is to engage
students in career preparation by promoting scholarship,
providing interprofessional learning experiences,
and connecting our campus communities through innovative
programs that advance quality of life, the SVMEP and Future Forward are excited to offer this unique and valuable opportunity to enthusiastic JMU students.
Would you like to:
Work with ELL (English language learners) students in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County?
Tutor based on your interests and expertise?
Improve your résumé?
If you are:
Willing to commit 2-3 hours per week,
Interested in connecting with local communities,
And passionate about making a difference in the
lives of young people,
Contact us today!

Visit for more information.

Overcoming Barriers Volunteer Opportunity

Subject:  Mentoring Children or Adults with Disability in Physical Activity Programs!

Students  –

JMU’s Overcoming Barriers program ( affords students the opportunity to mentor children/adults with disabilities within a physical activity setting. Overcoming Barriers offers a wide variety of physical activity programs in which individuals with disabilities can participate.  Individuals with disabilities will be matched with a mentor, YOU, who will assist them during their specific program. You will be assigned an individual based on your schedule, interests, as well as your level of comfort/experience. Mentors receive ongoing training/support from Overcoming Barriers staff. 

Experience IS NOT NECESSARY to mentor, although experienced mentors can also work independently with participants in a community setting (i.e. take them golfing, assist in gymnastics program, etc.)    Mentors will receive ongoing training and support from our Overcoming Barriers staff.

Your Minimum Commitment is once a week for 2 hrs


Our Initial Mentor Training Meetings are as follows – Please indicate which meeting you plan to attend:

Friday 9/1/2017 6:00 PM- 7:00 PM

Sunday 9/3/2017 7:00 PM- 8:00PM

Tuesday 9/5/2017 6:00 PM- 7:00PM

Friday 9/8/2017 3:00-4:00 PM

All Meetings are held in Godwin Hall, Room 353

Most positions are volunteer; few hourly paid positions available for students interested in providing respite care to families.

Lastly, MANY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO WORK WITH OUR MENTEES DURING OUR FIRST OPEN HOUSE ON Monday 9/4 – PLEASE reply to confirm you are able to assist as a one on one mentor

If you have questions, please contact us at –

Thank you for your support

Thomas E. Moran, Ph.D., CAPE
Associate Professor, PHETE Program
Overcoming Barriers, Project Director
[]Empowerment3 - Center for Physical Activity & Wellness for Underserved Youth, Executive Director

Department of Kinesiology
James Madison University
261 Bluestone Drive, MSC 2302
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Phone: 540-568-4877
Fax:   540-568-3338

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Opportunities with KIN department

Director of Research Projects
Need: Empowerment3 has numerous action-based research projects going on each semester. Dr. Moran needs a motivated individual to coordinate all projects. Ensuring adherence to protocols and appropriate handling of data is important!

Required Hours: Flexible (This is an unpaid internship opportunity, but Dr. Moran is willing to write a recommendation letter for candidates who do an exemplary job) – Great resume builder!

Your help is needed to ensure the following:
-          Each protocol is administered properly
-          Ensure all data collection tools are available and working
-          Work with program staff to ensure accurate data collection and handling of data
-          Assist with analysis of data (experience preferred but not necessary).
-          Opportunity to take the lead on one selected research project (if desired).

Research Assistants
Need: Dr. Moran needs motivated individuals to assist with accurate data collection and/or analysis. Assistants can select the research project based on interest and/or availability.

Required Hours: Flexible (This is an unpaid internship opportunity, but Dr. Moran is willing to write a recommendation letter for candidates who do an exemplary job) – Great resume builder!

Your help is needed to ensure the following:
-          Adherence to research protocol during collection
-          Assist with data collection; review data sheets for accuracy and/or completion
-          Assist with analysis of data (experience preferred but not necessary).
Available Research Projects
  • Quadriciser – Improving Overall Functionality through Movement
  • Impact of Physical Activity Programs on Overall Health and Wellness of Individuals with Disabilities
  • Bike Project – Protocol in Development
  • Barriers to Community Based Physical Activity for Individuals with Disabilities (Survey Research)
  • Mentor Research – Protocol to be developed

Quadriciser Research Assistants (Multiple Disabilities Classrooms – Local Elementary, Middle, and High Schools)
Need: Empowerment3 has been given the amazing opportunity to test the impact of the Quadriciser, a passive-active therapy machine on students with multiple disabilities in the schools. The students use the Quadriciser as part of their daily school routine. Our protocol requires us to measure weekly changes in range of motion, specified activities of daily living, and overall academic readiness (ability to lift head to look at the instructor). Assistants will be trained to collect the specified dependent variables.  To learn more -
The Quadriciser® is a Robotic Therapy System that gently moves all four limbs to provide a variety of targeted therapies using Continuous Passive Motion. It ...

Availability – At least once a week during school day hours – mornings preferred. Research takes place in the schools so must have a car or ability to get to the school.

Required Hours: Flexible (This is an unpaid internship opportunity, but Dr. Moran is willing to write a recommendation letter for candidates who do an exemplary job) – Great resume builder!

-          Serve as a member on Empowerment3’s Board
-          Communicate with existing partnerships to identify why they got involved, what they feel their role is within the mission, what support they would need to take the next step to offer programming on their own, etc.
-          Identify new potential partnerships
-          Work with Dr. Moran and his team to support and resources to any organizations who would like to consider launching new programming as part of the continuum of wellness opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Director of Bike Project Research
Need: Empowerment3/Kinesiology/Engineering have been partnering for eight years to build a human powered vehicle for an individual with a physical disability each year. Here is an example of client number two - Empowerment3 is seeking a motivated individual who is interested in taking the lead on a research project to measure the impact of the bike project on the client and/or on the Engineering students building the bike. IF YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO LEARN HOW TO CONDUCT ACTION BASED RESEARCH – THIS OPPORTUNITY IS FOR YOU! Drs. Moran and Nagel will assist in the development of the research protocol.
One Valley teen, who suffers from cerebral palsy, now has a bike custom made just for him, thanks to some JMU engineering students.

Required Hours: Flexible (This is an unpaid internship opportunity, but Dr. Moran is willing to write a recommendation letter for candidates who do an exemplary job) – Great resume builder!

-          Assist in the development of the specific research question
-          Identify appropriate instruments based on research question
-          Assist in the development of the research protocol and IRB
-          Once approved, take a leadership role on the administration of the research
-          Assist with data collection, etc.

**Each director has the potential to recruit others to your team to support efforts/ carry out tasks – team members would ultimately report to the director. Director would report to Dr, Moran and the E3 project assistant on a weekly basis via e-mail and/or face to face meeting.

Georgetown University Sports Performance Internship


Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.) Sports Performance Department is seeking highly motivated College Level Interns and Volunteer Interns for Fall 2017 semester.

If interested, please email

College Level Intern Requirements:
Currently working towards obtaining a field related certification (CSCS, etc.).

Volunteer Intern Requirements:
Must have obtained field related certification ( CSCS, USAW1, CFSC, etc.).

General Requirements:
CPR and AED certified
Completion of university issued background check.
20 hours per week starting August 28th to December 8th 2017.
Scheduled mornings (6am-10am) or afternoons (2pm-6pm)
Knowledge of spotting techniques and weight room safety.
Interest in pursuing a career in Strength and Conditioning/Sports Performance **Preference will be given to those who express this**
Passion, energy and commitment to succeeding in the workplace.

Gain insight on current sports performance modalities, research and sports nutrition.
Gain hands on experience working with 23 Division 1 teams.
Experience working Velocity Based Training technology.
Gain valuable coaching experience and references.
Gain practical strength & conditioning/sports performance knowledge through a Curriculum will consist of: Organization, Observation and Practical (hands on).

Interested candidates must submit: cover letter (one page maximum), resume (one page maximum), and three professional references. Links to any personal, applicable social media profiles that might reflect work history, creativity and/or are computer literacy are encouraged but not required (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).

**NOTE: Cover Letters, Resume and References (in that order) must be submitted in ONE PDF file**

To apply, send one email (with PDF attached) to David Terry at Subject line should be: “Georgetown Internship, Fall 2017: Last Name, First Name.”