Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lifetime Fitness - Summer Internship!

There was lots of excitement at the information sessions when the Lifetime recruiters visited Godwin in February. So far they have only received one application. If you're interested in completing an internship in the Personal Training department, apply soon!

The NoVA/Maryland market contact person is Ms. Teresa Lendino Cavanaugh, Personal Training Department Head, at

Here's the flyer which is also posted on Jana's office door:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Fitness Instructor Course!

New Course! Offered for the first time in the Fall 2012 semester:
3 credit hours
Course description: Theories, principles and procedures involved with leading group fitness classes. Students will gain knowledge and experience in class design and choreography development. Programming for children, older adults, pregnancy and aquatic exercise will be included. Practical and written assessments will occur throughout the semester. Participation in group exercise classes is a requirement. Students will have the opportunity to enroll in the AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification.
Course prerequisites: GKIN 100, KIN 202, OR PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTOR
This course will be half lecture and half physical activity lab. The lab will allow students the opportunity to practice the theory learned from lecture.
When: Monday/Wednesday 2:30pm-3:45pm. Location in Godwin TBD.
Instructor: Jana Walters (

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

True Athlete Performance NoVA/MD

I received an exciting flyer and paid (!) internship flyer from Tue Athlete Performance today. They also included the 12-week internship plan. Stop by soon and check out this exciting opportunity!

Current Student Highlight

New post on the KIN website about Exercise Science seniors Caiti Vining and Andew D'Lugos!

Teaching Assistant for GKIN 100

Practicum Opportunity

Teaching Assistant for GKIN 100

Position Responsibilities:

Assisting with the following fitness assessments:  
1-repitition maximum for arm press and leg press
Curl-ups and sit ups
BIA and waist-to-hip ratio

Assisting primary instructor with physical activity instruction (ie: correcting technique)
Leading small group activities such as resistance balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, BoSU, Body Bars, indoor cycle, yoga, stretching.

Other activities depending on applicant experience/forte.


Group Exercise or Personal Training certification or completion of KIN 199.
Ability to arrive to class 5-10 minutes early
Ability to teach groups of up to students a variety of activities
Well organized

This opportunity can be completed for academic credit. For more information, or to apply send resume and cover letter to Jana Walters,

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Harrisonburg Fieldwork Opportunities

Here's a quick review of local opportunities. This list does not include every opportunity -- just those who accept students regularly or who have expressed interest in having students each semester.

VMRC Wellness Center (4-6 students each semester)
RMH Wellness Center (2 students each semester)
JMU Strength and Conditioning, click here to read about the application process (4 or more students each semester)
Halterman Karate
Overcoming Barriers
Shenandoah Mountain Touring
UREC Fitness & Nutrition, click here to read about the application process (1 student each semester)
The Kinesiology Department's Morrison Bruce Center for Promotion of Physical Activity
Kinetic Kids
Dayton Municipal Fitness Center (1 student each semester)
JMU Men's Club Rugby - Strength/Conditioning (1 student each semester)
Teaching Assistant for KIN 302 or 306 (must have completed course with final grade of "A")

Contact Jana with questions or to get more information:

Monday, March 12, 2012

4 Employment Opportunities

National Institute for Fitness and Sport
Roanoke, Virginia
Western Athletic Clubs
Cupertino, California
Take Care Health
Greenwich, Connecticut
Duke Health and Fitness Center
Durham, North Carolina