Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teach for America

Interested in a short term (2 years) service opportunity after graduation from JMU? Think you might like to teach? Look into Teach for America. A JMU student who is also a TFA campus representative asked me to post this info!

Teach For America is a national non-profit that works to ensure that all children growing up in our nation receive a quality education. Teach For America is a two year commitment to teach in a low income community, where currently only 8% of students go on to receive a college degree by the age of 24. In the short term, Teach For America places top leaders in classrooms as teachers; in the long term, Teach For America corps members become advocates for education equity across many career fields. Expenses-paid training is provided. Additionally, a full salary with benefits is provided through the region in which members are corps members. Currently there are 48+ regions; a region is scheduled to open in Virginia in 2014! All majors are encouraged to apply.

The application deadline for seniors is January 24th. Applications can be started at Questions? Feel free to contact Theresa Tweedie at

Thank you,


Theresa C. Tweedie
James Madison University Class of 2014
Bachelor of Social Work, Criminal Justice Minor
Teach For America Campus Campaign Coordinator

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