Thursday, February 6, 2014

Adapted Physical Education Graduate Program at UVA

My name is Martin Block, and I am a Professor in Kinesiology at the
University of Virginia. We have a one-year Masters Program in
"Kinesiology for Students with Disabilities." This program targets both
physical educators who are interested in teaching children with
disabilities as well as those students who are interested in becoming a
pediatric physical or occupational therapist.
We are actively recruiting for our 2014-15 cohort which starts in the summer of 2014. We feel our program is perfect as a gap year for pre-PT students before they apply to physical
therapy school to give them pediatric experiences and coursework to make
them more competitive when they do apply to physical therapy school.
Applicants should possess a BA/BS degree in
physical education, kinesiology, or exercise
science from an accredited university. Students
must meet the admission standards outlined in the
University Graduate Catalog which includes
demonstrating a high standard of achievement
during their undergraduate work (minimal of 3.0
GPA), competitive Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
scores (149 verbal and 148 quantitative) and two
or more strong letters of recommendation.

"Is treating everyone the same treating everyone fairly?"
Martin E. Block, Ph.D., Professor
Kinesiology Program
University of Virginia
210 Emmet St., S. Box 400407
Charlottesville, VA  22904-4407

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