Monday, September 1, 2014

Hilton Head Health Institute Internship Opportunity

We received this message from Internship coordinator at Hilton Head Health Institute on Hilton Head Island, SC. 

I would like to introduce myself as the administrator for the Hilton Head Health Program Internship.  In the past, this has been coordinated by our Fitness Director, and the internship program will continue to be managed by our General Manager, Jessica Brantley.  However, I will be the main point of contact for any students wishing to apply for an internship here at Hilton Head Health. 
If you are not aware of who we are and what we do, I would encourage you to visit our website, www.hhhealth.comto see what we are really about.  In brief, we are a world renowned, award winning health spa resort.  We focus on helping individuals create a personalized health and wellness experience and provide an environment for rapid personal growth - developing new healthy habits, jumpstarting weight loss or managing stress are some of the many ways guests choose to begin living a more fulfilling life, healthy lifestyle.
Hilton Head Health has the best singular opportunity to provide exceptional learning and training experiences for Health Management professionals.  Because their chosen field is broad and because health is not solely linked to one lifestyle aspect, the curriculum will expose the intern to all of H3 Program sectors of comprehensive wellness. The intern can expect guidance and support from a highly trained professional staff with expertise in their related health promotion area. 
Our intention is to extend and expand the intern’s education.  While providing opportunities for them to reinforce their strengths, interns will also address and strengthen weaker areas of interest or talent.  Ideally, this will allow the intern to participate in an extensive learning opportunity.
This facility also included an Application Packet. See Jana for this information
Thank you,
Human Resources Representative
843.785.3286 x152

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