Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NIH Research - Employment

Sarah Smyth, a KIN alum, sent this message to recruit folks to apply for the position she and her coworker are vacating. She also gave me permission to share her email address if anyone would like to follow up directly with her. Please contact me ( for Sarah's contact info.

I am a JMU Kinesiology alumnus, and I’m currently working as a clinical research assistant at the National Institutes of Health. A few full-time research positions are opening up this summer in the Diabetes, Obesity, and Endocrinology Branch (specifically in Dr. Kong Chen’s lab). Working at the NIH is an incredible opportunity, and graduate/health professional schools look favorably on the program. If you want some time off before heading back to school or you aren’t quite sure what your next step is, I highly recommend this program.
As a research assistant in Dr. Chen’s lab, you will be performing body composition tests, exercise tests, measuring free-living physical activity, and measuring metabolic rate. You will be working with healthy volunteers as well as patients with rare endocrine and genetic disorders. You will also have the opportunity to pursue individual research projects and attend national scientific conferences.
Dr. Chen is looking for highly dependable individuals who have experience working with patients or human research subjects, familiarity with exercise testing, and high attention to detail. Research experience is also recommended.
The NIH is located in Bethesda, MD, and the position is 1-2 years, paid, full-time. This is a very competitive program, so if you are interested, you should apply as soon as possible.
Here’s the link for the central application:
I also advise you to contact Dr. Chen to let him know you have submitted an application (or are in the process of submitting) and you are interested in working with his lab.

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