Monday, September 21, 2015

International Service Learning Trips

International Service Learning Announces:

Thanksgiving Break Trips: Global Health: Mexico (Baja) November 21st- November 29th ($1495)
Global Health: Mexico (Baja) November 25th- November 29th ($965)
Winter Break Trips:
Physical Therapy: Costa Rica December 27th- January 5th ($1995)
Global Health: Tanzania December 27th- January 7th ($1995)
Global Health: Belize December 27th- January 5th ($1945)
JMU student-only trip to Belize in May! Email for more information.

It is possible to get practicum credit for a trip like these, but it depends on how many practical hours you are able to accumulate. Specifics must be worked out with Jana before the trip. 

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