Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hilton Head Health Internship

Received this email message from Hilton Head Health about internships. The message also included an application packet, I am glad to forward that to you as an email attchement:
Dear University Advisors/Internship Coordinators,
Application deadline for spring internships starting in December 2013 is near (Sept. 30th).
Thank you again for your interest in the Hilton Head Health’s Internship Program.  For your reference, attached is the Internship Application Package. Your students can also log on to to learn more about Hilton Head Health.
Please note: Internships are available year round, and on a rolling admission basis. Hilton Head Health recommends interested students apply at least 4-6 months in advance of their desired internship date.
We anticipate this information to be useful for you and your students.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Best Wishes and Healthy Regards,
Amber Shadwick

H3I Program Internship

As a unique weight loss, lifestyle modification and disease prevention program, Hilton Head Health Institute has the best singular opportunity to provide exceptional learning and training experiences for Health Management professionals.  Because their chosen field is broad and because health is not solely linked to one lifestyle aspect, the curriculum will expose the intern to all of H3I Program sectors of comprehensive wellness. The intern can expect guidance and support from a highly trained professional staff with expertise in their related health promotion area.  Specifically, the Program Intern will be supervised and mentored by the Director of Lifetime Fitness.

Our intention is to extend and expand the intern’s education.  While providing opportunities for them to reinforce their strengths, interns will also address and strengthen weaker areas of interest or talent.  Ideally, this will allow the intern to participate in an extensive learning opportunity.

The intern’s professional development is the emphasis of the H3I Internship Program.  Realizing that the intern is not a staff member, responsibilities will be educationally value-added.  Assignments will be driven by answering the question, “How will the intern be educated in this area – how will this give them better understanding and render them more marketable?”  We intend for the intern to be exposed to the myriad of concepts and responsibilities that result in the Institute’s success.

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