Friday, September 21, 2012

Teaching Assistant for GKIN 100

Teaching Assistant for GKIN 100

Practicum Opportunity

Position Responsibilities:

Assisting with the following fitness assessments:  
1-repitition maximum for arm press and leg press
Curl-ups and sit ups
BIA and waist-to-hip ratio

Assisting primary instructor with physical activity instruction (ie: correcting technique)
Leading small group activities such as resistance balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, BoSU, Body Bars, indoor cycle, yoga, stretching.

Other activities depending on applicant experience/forte.


Group Exercise or Personal Training certification or completion KIN 199 or KIN 422.
Ability to arrive to class 5-10 minutes early
Ability to teach groups of up to 30 students a variety of activities
Well organized

This opportunity can be completed for academic credit (KIN 471). For more information, or to apply send resume and cover letter to Jana Walters, Application review will begin on 10/1.

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