Friday, January 25, 2013

SP13 Fieldwork Experience

Want to know what students are doing for fieldwork this semester?

Gold’s Gym – Harrisonburg
Kinesiology department research assistant, JMU
Biology department research assistant, JMU
Morrison-Bruce Center, Department of Kinesiology, JMU
Sunnyside Retirement Community Physical Therapy Clinic
Advantage Physical Therapy, Weyers Cave, VA
O & R Fitness, Broadway, VA
Nelson County High School Athletic Training
Strasburg High School Athletic Training
Spotswood High School Athletic Training
Strength and Conditioning, Bridgeforth Stadium, JMU
EMT certification course, Grottoes, VA
The Gym, Charlottesville, VA
Atwell Chiropractic, Harrisonburg
Fitness & Nutrition, UREC, JMU
Group Fitness & Wellness, UREC, JMU
Adventure, UREC, JMU
Operations, UREC, JMU
Overcoming Barriers, Department of Kinesiology, JMU
Personal Exercise Leader Practicum, Department of Kinesiology, JMU
RMH Rehabilitation, Harrisonburg
RMH Wellness Center, Harrisonburg
Augusta Medical Center, Fishersville, VA
Advantage Physical Therapy, Elkton, VA
Hess Orthopaedic, Harrisonburg
Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community (VMRC) Physical Therapy clinic, Harrisonburg
Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community (VMRC) Wellness Center, Harrisonburg
Synergy Rehab, Verona, VA
Planet Fitness, Harrisonburg
Winchester Medical Center Cardiac Rehab
RMH Cardiac Rehab, Harrisonburg
RMH Diabetes Patient Education, Harrisonburg
Virginia Tech Athletic Training department
Staunton Augusta YMCA
Wampler Rehabilitation, Harrisonburg
Select Physical Therapy, Staunton, VA
Harrisonburg Medical Associates, Harrisonburg
Next Level Athletic Development, Harrisonburg
Volunteer coaching Track and Field, JMU
Neider Chiropractic, Harrisonburg
practicing as an EMT, Harrisonburg
Bethesda Physical Therapy, Staunton, VA
ROTC physical fitness training, JMU
VA Hand & Rehab Services, Staunton, VA
Speech and Language Center, Harrisonburg
assisting Harrisonburg High School Athletic Director
assisting JMU Football coaching staff
Western State Hospital Physical Therapy clinic, Staunton, VA

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