Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fitness and Wellness Professional Services - General Manager Internship - New Jersey

This opportunity at Fitness and Wellness Professional Services was sent to us by Jackie Loyer, a 2011 Exercise Science alum!

General Manager Intern Description
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The General Manager Internship offered at any of our state of the art facilities located throughout New Jersey is an educational experience that is both comprehensive and unique. The intern will participate in daily facility activities, as well as, promoting and marketing the center. Teamed with our accomplished directors and managers each participant will individualize their work experience to parallel their classroom instruction.
Interns will:

•Use the Fitness & Wellness Sales & Marketing Proficiency manual in order to perform in the established business structure
•Learn how to forecast production and understand human resource needs
•Attend daily sales meetings including health & wellness education

•Work one on one with the Facility General Manager exploring the details of revenue and expense tracking
•Utilize problem solving skills to address facility and operational challenges that occur on a daily basis
•Participate in recruitment of new employees to the center, learning specific guidelines in finding quality candidates
•Work with sales counselors in promotions and orientations for prospective clients
•Participate in bi-monthly management meetings of all departments
•Develop a "lead box network" in the local demographic area with the sales and marketing counselors
•Conduct a structured sales presentation detailing the company’s philosophy and commitment
•Share in the commission compensation based on sales generated from your work and enjoy full membership benefits
•Interns will be interviewed by Regional Director of Human Resources as final task
Cooperating colleges and universities will have the ability to customize each intern’s experience to parallel their specific interests and specialties.
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