Monday, July 11, 2016

Advice on choosing a fieldwork site

Advice from one student on the importance of site selection:

Intern at a facility where you can actually see yourself working in the future. If you think you’re going to live in a big city, my suggestion would be to intern in a city rather than in a small town. The environment can make or break a situation and it might be difficult to differentiate between disliking the work that you’re doing and the environment that you’re in (the type of people you’re working with/around as well as actual location). Don’t be afraid to intern at a location that interests you in comparison to where you think you “should” be interning or where your friends or parents think you should be. You have to pursue what you are interested in and at least get a feel for what life would be like in a specific occupation. No matter what happens, you will learn. You’ll confirm that you enjoy working in a specific area or learn that something you thought you would enjoy is actually the last thing you’ll want to pursue.

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