Monday, July 18, 2016

How to choose a site

Advice from one student on fieldwork site selection:

Now that I am done with KIN 481 I will go back to JMU for my senior year and apply for physical therapy schools. For future students I recommend they begin searching for sites early. I began searching as soon as I could to ensure I got a spot at my top choice, especially because many places have very few internship spots available. I would also recommend doing one (471 or 481) over the summer at home because there are fewer students competing for spots and if you want to go back home after school it’s a useful opportunity to make connections with local companies. I would also take time to look at all the opportunities for internships, don’t limit yourself to just a PT office, maybe look at personal training or coaching or research. PT is such a common default that many people overlook other opportunities and futures in exercise science. I think these classes are some of the most useful classes in the curriculum. Many times college is all about becoming “book smart” but I believe the real, practical, learning occurs onsite. I have learned so much in my internships, that I will remember rather than forget once they are over like with tests and finals. The classes are also useful because for PT school applications I am required to have hours completed at sites and the hours for these classes are applicable.

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