Thursday, November 3, 2016

Empowerment3 /Overcoming Barriers - Needs many students for SP17!

Empowerment3 /Overcoming Barriers 
There are 10 different types of positions with Dr. Moran in this message. Be sure to read this whole post all the way to the end! He can use a lot of students in the spring!

Contact: Dr. Moran ( if you are interested Empowerment3 is the Center for Physical Activity and Wellness for the Underserved (including individuals with disabilities and at-risk/under privileged youth) 

(Observe/Assist this semester; become a one on one mentor next semester)
Opportunity to serve as a one on one mentor in any of our weekly campus-based, communitybased, and K-12 school programs. Responsibilities: Commit to 2 hrs once a week to be a one on one mentor with a participant in programs or a specific time commitment once a week within a school-based program.

COORDINATE WEEKLY PROGRAMMING (Observe this semester; start next semester) Learn to plan and develop developmentally appropriate activities for participants of all ages and ability levels. Responsibilities: Planning and implementation of programming, addressing the needs of all participants, and supporting the one on one mentors in your program.

LEARN TO CREATE APPROPRIATE EXERCISE/REHAB/THERAPY PROGRAMS FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES (PHYSICAL, COGNITIVE, AUTISM, AND SENSORY) - Times TBA: This opportunity will allow students, who are interested in PT, personal training, or specifically working with individuals with disabilities the opportunity to learn how to create and conduct appropriate exercise/rehab/therapy programs for individuals with disabilities. Individuals will get the opportunity to conduct baseline assessments, design potential programs, and gain experience implementing appropriate protocols to address the unique needs of each participant. Assistance needed: Conducting baseline fitness assessments; creating appropriate programs; implementing programs with individuals at least once a week; conducting periodic assessments to track progress; record data each session.

OUTREACH EVENTS The center puts on numerous outreach events each semester. Your passion and skills can be put to great use while gaining valuable event and programming experience. More opportunities! Continue reading! .......

RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES QUADRICISER STUDY (M-F between 8am-2pm; Tuesday and/or Thursday Afternoons/Evenings) - In local schools As part of this study, participants with physical disabilities/limitations will utilize the Quadriciser a specified number of days/week for 30-45 minute sessions. {The Quadriciser® is a passive or active, isometric, automated physical therapy system designed to manipulate the upper and lower body extremities with timed sessions and variable speed control from a static floor position. It is the first and only total body automated therapy system that offers both active and passive therapy, bi-directional manipulation, and multiple seated and lying therapeutic positions.} – Assistance needed: Assistance fitting each participant to the machine; conducting baseline measurements; assistance administering individual protocol each session; assistance with in-session adjustments; ensuring proper data collection.

HEART RATE/PEDOMETER/ACTIVITY TRACKERS/FITNESS TESTING (Afternoons/Evenings) Evenings): Godwin Hall & Various Community Settings In programs, participants with disabilities wear heart rate monitors and pedometers during their workouts. Research assistants will have opportunities to assist with data collection. We are looking at whether their heart rate/exercise intensity is influenced by the type of activity they are engaged (whether they are using a traditional exercise machine OR doing fun physical activities or games, but don’t realize they are working the same muscles or achieving the same goal as they would on a machine). Assistance needed: Ensuring appropriate data collection during activities; maintenance of HR monitors/pedometers; engaging with participants during workouts; assisting in design of individual workouts.

SKILLS ASSESSMENT/DATA (Afternoons/Evenings) We collect pre and post skill assessment data on all participants. We need volunteers to assist with the videoing and conducting of skill assessments at the end of the semester.

FOOD SURVEYS/NUTRITION DATA (Monday or Wednesday Evenings) Assist with collecting periodic nutritional intake data on all participants in our cooking programs.

BARRIERS TO COMMUNITY BASED PARTICIPATION (Any Times) Interested students will assist with collection of survey data and get the opportunity to interview parents/guardians of children, adolescents, or adults with disabilities. No Experience necessary!

RESEARCH ASSISTANT (Any Times) Duties could include:
Assisting with weekly testing of specific program participants
Assisting Dr. Moran with analysis of data collected from previous waves of Overcoming Barriers; Reviewing incoming data from this wave

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