Wednesday, November 23, 2016

True Fitness and Nutrition Internship, McLean, VA

From Elliott White, a 2008 Exercise Science alum:

Intern Job Description

True Fitness and Nutrition is a Personal Training Studio in McLean, Virginia and We Make Personal Training What It Should Be.  We offer one-on-one Personal Training, Virtual Coaching, Nutritional Consultations and Massage Therapy.  We have been expanding rapidly since opening in 2013, and are looking for qualified and competent interns to join our team.  Our message is simple: hard work works, and progressively overloaded compound exercise is the foundation to any training program.  Our trainers understand what it is like to be a client by expecting more of themselves in their own training and competitive pursuits.  Many of our trainers have served as Instructors at the National Personal Training Institute, a 600 hour certification to educate the next generation of trainers. 

We are looking for interns with the knowledge to help clients through proper training methods and the hunger to learn as much as possible.  We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff and are looking for a team member to share our passion and grow into a phenomenal trainer to potentially join our full-time staff.  We have doubled in space, and tripled our revenue in under 2 years, and we plan on continuing the trend.  Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more about us, and to see if True Fitness and Nutrition is the right career move for you.   

Comprehensive Training Program:

·         90 day program covering the essentials of strength training, exercise selection, technical execution, nutritional consultation, and coaching to produce Elite Personal Trainers
·         Learn from Nationally recognized coaches and trainers in a one-on-one environment
·         Take your own training to the next level through Virtual Coaching, and Nutritional Consultations to be your own first client
·         Read and discuss the indispensable books in any good trainers library
·         Spend time each day shadowing high level Personal Trainers, and learning their methods
·         See in the inner workings of a gym through assisting in maintenance and oversight of clientele
·         Work closely with TFN Staff with the intention of joining the full-time team
·         Competition Membership and Fees reimbursed (powerlifting, triathlon, etc.)
·         Signing bonus for all new clients referred to the studio, up to $100 per client

Task Description

Manage your own schedule and receive in depth oversight and education to be the best Personal Trainer you can be
·         Create your own schedule to complete requirements working closely with the Head Trainer
·         Complete reading assignments on a monthly basis

·         Shadow a minimum of 3 training sessions per week with different trainers, and a varying clientele

·         Attend bi-weekly continuing education training for TFN staff

·         Participate in the inner workings of the company as we grow and expand to reach more clients and 
       Make Personal Training What It Should Be.

  • A love of fitness and training and a desire to learn as much as possible
  • Ability to work a largely unpaid position to accelerate one’s training career
  • Honesty and integrity in all recommendations to clients, and interactions with staff
  • A basic understanding of exercise selection, technique and training development
  • Walk the walk by working to improve in your own training
  • A desire to teach and instruct others in fitness topics and concepts
  • A need to provide and receive the highest quality of information and guidance
  • A passion to create effective and lasting change in clients’ lives
  • Exceed all client expectations
  • Ability to effectively coach and interact with many personalities, both orally and through written word
Certifications/Education Level
  • High School Diploma required, Bachelors’ level Exercise Science/Kinesiology experience preferred
  • Personal Training Certification through ACE, NSCA, NASM, NSPA, NPTI or equivalent
  • Nutritional Coaching Certification preferred
  • Experience training clients and oneself of 1-3 years

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