Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Beyond Strength Performance - Northern VA metro - Internship

Awesome Summer internship opportunity with this organization! I spoke to Todd, one of the co-founders, on the phone this morning. They have 1 or 2 positions to fill for the summer! 

Beyond Strength Performance Internship

Beyond Strength Performance 
NOVA Internship  
Course Description 

The Beyond Strength Performance NOVA, LLC (BSP NOVA) fitness coaching internship is a twelve to sixteen-week experiential learning program directed by Todd Bumgardner, MS, CSCS, and Chris Merritt, BS Kinesiology. The program is designed to help exercise science and kinesiology students, interested in pursuing a career as a strength coach or personal trainer, develop the interpersonal, coaching, and program writing skills that accelerate their professional, as well as personal, development.

The program is divided into four modules: coaching, programming, professional expansion, and additional coaching hours. Each module contains a weekly in-service that teaches interns new, immediately applicable skills. (In-service descriptions and schedule included in the attached internship curriculum.) In-service instruction is combined with 15-25 weekly experiential hours during which interns get to observe the BSP NOVA staff, and get direct coaching experience with BSP NOVA clients.

Why the Beyond Strength Performance NOVA Experience is Different 

The BSP NOVA internship isn’t a run of the mill experience—it’s an engaging process that helps those that desire a fruitful fitness industry career to explore their interests while also developing the practical skills that will make them successful trainers and coaches.
Interns have access to Strength Faction—an online coaching program designed and operated by Chris Merritt and Todd Bumgardner. Its purpose is to help fitness coaches improve their coaching and programming skills while also learning how to better structure their work so that they can live better lives. Apart from Strength Faction’s content, which is sixteen weeks of lessons and coaching, interns have access to Strength Faction’s expansive professional network that spans the globe. Members are located across the United States as well as Europe, Africa and Australia. Through Strength Faction’s weekly QnA series, interns will also have the opportunity to directly interact with fitness industry leaders from across the world such as Dr. Mike Roussell, Dan John, and Eric Cressey.

The BSP NOVA internship program is intern-focused—meaning that it’s focused on helping interns grow into better coaches and people, not about extracting value from them, or giving them useless busy work to fill hours. Our goal is to give as much to our interns as possible, by leading them from the front, and creating opportunities for them to learn and express their knowledge and creativity.

This opportunity isn’t purely observational. There’s an orientation period during the first week, but beyond that, interns aren’t expected to sit on the sidelines and watch the coaches work. Quite the opposite is true. Interns are expected to coach and interact with clients daily. This is, of course, done under the supportive influence of the BSP NOVA coaching staff. Interns grow in responsibility as the course progresses while receiving real-time feedback from their advisors.

Each intern will also be assigned a BSP NOVA coach as a mentor. The mentor checks in with their mentee weekly, answers their questions, and helps them stay on track with their BSP NOVA internship curriculum.

How to Apply 

Application is simple. Applicants send a resume and cover letter detailing why she or he wants to intern at BSP NOVA to Resumes should contain relevant work and volunteer experience, not a list of every job he or she has ever had.

Beyond Strength Performance NOVA, LLC.
21620 RIDGETOP CIRCLE, SUITE 100 | STERLING, VIRGINIA 20166 | 703.444.0662

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