Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Residential Weight Loss Internship - Hilton Head, SC

September 30 is the deadline for applying for a spring internship with Hilton Head Health! Contact Jana for application packet.

Since 1976, Hilton Head Health (H3) has offered something truly unique: an effective personalized weight loss and wellness program developed through 40 years of experience. For our guests, losing weight is not the goal - it's the result of learning how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle to bring home. A new way to live shaped through optimal fitness, gourmet-quality nutrition, and genuine emotional support. An all-inclusive stay at our weight loss resort and wellness spa will give our guests the tools to continue living a healthy lifestyle back at home.

Located within the scenic 800-acre Shipyard Plantation on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, our weekly wellness retreat and 4-week weight loss program are customized to support each guest’s unique goals. Our programs provide the variety needed to individualize their stay.

Fitness, nutrition, weight loss, stress management, longevity or relaxation - we promise to design a comprehensive experience tailored specifically for our guests.

The foundation for all H3’s programs are based off our 38-year award-winning Living Well program. This weekly program is designed for the individual who is ready to make a true lifestyle change. The program features a blend of experiences that represent the philosophies of H3 in the areas of nutrition and healthy eating, fitness and mobility, stress management and mindfulness.

The LOSE WELL 4 weight loss program is designed for those who are looking for a structured, long-term program to support sustainable weight loss and weight management. The program includes the principles of the H3 Living Well program, delivered through a combination of small group sessions, small group fitness trainings and individual consultations, along with coaching follow-ups.

H3 Program Internship 

As a unique weight loss, lifestyle modification and disease prevention program, Hilton Head Health has the best singular opportunity to provide exceptional learning and training experiences for Health Management professionals. Because their chosen field is broad and because health is 2 not solely linked to one lifestyle aspect, the curriculum will expose the intern to all of H3 Program sectors of comprehensive wellness. The intern can expect guidance and support from a highly trained professional staff with expertise in their related health promotion area.

Our intention is to extend and expand the intern’s education. While providing opportunities for them to reinforce their strengths, interns will also address and strengthen weaker areas of interest or talent. Ideally, this will allow the intern to participate in an extensive learning opportunity.

The intern’s professional development is the emphasis of the H3 Internship Program. Realizing that the intern is not a staff member, responsibilities will be educationally value-added. Assignments will be driven by answering the question, “How will the intern be educated in this area – how will this give them better understanding and render them more marketable?” We intend for the intern to be exposed to the myriad of concepts and responsibilities that result in the Institute’s success.


Both graduate and undergraduate students obtaining degrees in Health Promotion and Exercise Science professions or other relevant fields can participate in this “hands-on” practical training. Internships will be 16 weeks in duration.

Upon completion of the Internship, the intern will have made useful contributions to Hilton Head Health, the Fitness Department, Program activities, and projects related to H3’s philosophy.

The H3 Internship program will last 16 weeks progressing through each of the following areas:

Weeks 1-2: Internship Orientation Period During Week 1, Intern will attend orientation with registered guests and participate in select Program classes and fitness activities while beginning to take on intern responsibilities. Typical responsibilities include beach walks, thermal walks, and Recreation. During Week 2, ongoing responsibilities will be added to intern schedule.

Weeks 3-15: Program Experience – Education, Fitness, Counseling, Nutrition, and Coaching, Marketing and Guest Services 1) Exposure to: research and active participation in the how and why H3 educates relative to presentation, relationship extension and motivational coaching 2) Exposure to: research and active participation in the science and art of healthy food planning 3) Exposure to: research and active participation in H3 Program development with the inclusion of marketing concepts 3

Week 16: Project Presentation and Internship Analysis Intern presents selected subject matter (selected by degree supervisor or with assistance from Internship Supervisor) to staff

Eligibility: Eligible applicants must be enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate degree-seeking program in Exercise Science, Health Education, Health Promotion, Physical Education, Nutrition or a related field. Applicants with a 3.0 G.P.A. or greater will receive priority.

Special Qualifications: Students working in this program should have the following qualifications: 1. A general understanding of the essential functions of good health 2. Genuine interests in helping guests achieve a healthy lifestyle 3. Familiarity with computer and applicable software packages 4. Ability to work in a professional setting alongside a professional staff 5. Current CPR Certification 6. Student Liability Insurance 7. Clean driving record

Duration: Hilton Head Health will accommodate students during each season. Length of internship is 16 weeks. Housing, Board, Stipend: Housing and H3 meal plan (details to be provided) are provided to the intern. Weekly $150 stipend.

Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling-admission basis.

For 16-week Internships falling between January and April/May – deadline: September 30th (SPRING)

For 16-week Internships falling between March and July/August – deadline: January 31st (SUMMER)

For 16-week Internships falling between August and December – deadline: June 1 st (FALL)

CONTACT PERSON: For additional information or an application, please contact:
Stacie Colella, HR Representative
Hilton Head Health
14 Valencia Rd Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
(843) 785-3286 ext. 152

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