Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Employee Wellness in Fishersville, VA

We received a message from Sharon Stitler at the Lifetime Fitness facility in Fishersville, VA, looking to recruit volunteers to assist with an employee wellness initiative. Contact Sharon directly, her info is below: 

(Fishersville is exit 222 off I-81. Harrisonburg is exit 245, as a point of reference.)

Augusta Health is launching an Employee Wellness Initiative in November, early December.  We are in need of students that have experience in doing health assessments that may need community hours to reach a school requirement.  We would love to have students test employee biometrics such as finger sticks for glucose, lipids panels as wells as blood pressure, weight , BMI, circumference measurements etc.  We have about 2300 employees but I assume we will only have 1,000 or so participate in the wellness program the first year.  
Sharon Stiteler, MS
Operations Manager
Augusta Health
Lifetime Fitness
107 Medical Center Circle 
Fishersville, VA  22939
(540) 332-5988 PHONE
(540) 332-5095 FAX

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