Friday, October 24, 2014

Information from the Career and Academic Planning Office

I received this message from the Career and Academic Planning Office. Thought some of you may be interested in attending a workshop:

As you may be aware, Career & Academic Planning is offering small group sessions throughout this semester to help students get started on their internship search.  These sessions are for 5 students max, so interested students should be sure to RSVP sooner rather than later at this address: They can find the event, titled “Internships 101” under Workshops.  As internship coordinators, many of you are already very aware of the benefits of an internship to students’ professional development, so please help students hear about this and other resources available to them in Career & Academic Planning.
Upcoming dates for Internships 101:
10/13/14              11:00 am              3 spots remaining
10/22/14              2:00 pm                4 spots remaining
11/6/14                4:00 pm                5 spots remaining
11/11/14              3:00 pm                5 spots remaining
11/14/14              12:00 pm              5 spots remaining
11/17/14              2:00 pm                5 spots remaining
11/18/14              4:00 pm                5 spots remaining
12/3/14                1:00 pm                5 spots remaining
12/4/14                 5:00 pm                5 spots remaining
Other events:

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