Friday, October 24, 2014

Need to complete your Cluster 5 requirement? Want to run a half marathon?

Need to complete your Cluster 5 requirement? Want to run a half marathon (13.1 miles) near the end of the spring 2015 semester? Attend an information session on Wed Oct 29, 5:00pm, Godwin 341.

Class will be held Monday, Wednesday, Friday OR Sunday. You'll need to have a flexible schedule to enroll in this section. Some of the long run training requires a period of time that best fits in a weekend day.

Class will involve the following:

Monday: Lecture – traditional GKIN 100 (lifetime fitness and wellness) content will be covered in a lecture hall with 29 marathon class students and 60 other traditional GKIN 100 students. 
Wednesday: Lecture/Training – marathon specific content will be covered and will include the physiology and psychology of training for- and running a half-marathon.  This lecture is exclusive to half-marathon students.  A workout will also be held consisting of either running, biking or deep water running.
Friday or Sunday afternoon (3:30 pm): Weekly long runs will take place on Friday or Sunday afternoons.  Again, this is exclusive to marathon students. Class will meet Friday morning depending on the schedule. 
Training Program: We will be using a training program specifically designed to successfully prepare first-time marathoners to cross the finish line of an end-of-the semester half-marathon running event (13.1 miles). It involves running 4 days per week (3 days outside of the Saturday morning long run).  The Fri/Sun afternoon long run is the primary focus of the training.  The long run will progressively lengthen through the semester such that students will run 5 miles on the first Fri/Sun and 12 miles by the 12th Saturday.  THE GOAL IS TO FINISH YOU’RE THE Half- MARATHON, not to qualify for the Olympic trials. 
Marathon Day:  We will be traveling to a half-marathon here in Virginia either April 12 or 19. Travel costs will be covered (hopefully, pending funding), but lodging, food and race registration fees will be your responsibility.
Grade: Your grade will be determined by exam and assignment performance (like a traditional GKIN 100 course) – not how fast you can run.  
1.        Never completed a marathon
2.        Must be able to run continuously for 30 minutes by January 2015

Contact is Mr. Bill Walton,

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