Friday, October 28, 2011

Fieldwork Opportunity with Overcoming Barriers

Overview: JMU’s Overcoming Barriers (OB) program that affords students the opportunity to mentor children/adults with disabilities within a physical activity setting.  OB offers a wide variety of physical activity programs in which individuals with disabilities can participate.  Individuals with disabilities will be matched with a mentor who will assist them during their specific program for a minimum of once a week for eight weeks.  The mentors will be assigned an individual based on their schedules, interests, as well as their level of comfort/experience.  All mentors receive training and support from our OB staff.

Dr. Tom Moran ( is interested in having an ES practicum or internship student help with OB during the spring semester. You would likely be involved in all aspects of the OB program from planning to participant recruitment to program execution.

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