Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wediko Summer Program

I receive internship announcements regularly from this organization. Wediko Children's Services is a short term residential program that serves children with emtional and behavioral difficulties.

Positions for our Summer Program are filling up and although we are still looking for dedicated and ambitious individuals who are motivated in working with children with emotional and behavioral difficulties; we are especially looking for any students who may be able to offer specific skills that they would be able to utilize to teach activities to children. Activity staff are very valuable in that activities are one of the best interventions used in the Summer Program. The students would be able to use their experience and knowledge of their specific activity to help build confidence and skills the children can bring back home after the Summer Program.

If you know students who may be interested in this wonderful opportunity, please forward them this e-mail and my contact information below. Thank you for your time and help in finding outstanding applicants for The Wediko Summer Program.

David Kim

David Kim
Wediko Summer Program
Administrative Coordinator
Case Manager, CASASTART
(617) 292-9200

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