Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Harrisonburg Fieldwork Opportunities

Here's a quick review of local opportunities. This list does not include every opportunity -- just those who accept students regularly or who have expressed interest in having students each semester.

VMRC Wellness Center (4-6 students each semester)
RMH Wellness Center (2 students each semester)
JMU Strength and Conditioning, click here to read about the application process (4 or more students each semester)
Halterman Karate
Overcoming Barriers
Shenandoah Mountain Touring
UREC Fitness & Nutrition, click here to read about the application process (1 student each semester)
The Kinesiology Department's Morrison Bruce Center for Promotion of Physical Activity
Kinetic Kids
Dayton Municipal Fitness Center (1 student each semester)
JMU Men's Club Rugby - Strength/Conditioning (1 student each semester)
Teaching Assistant for KIN 302 or 306 (must have completed course with final grade of "A")

Contact Jana with questions or to get more information:

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